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Museum of Things
2023, Finishing Line Press

Presale for this book opens in September 2022 and run through the end of November. Please click on the cover image to order it from FLP and thank you! *delivered in Jan-February 2023

"A powerful and ingenious collection of personal artifacts--and the associated memories--in poetry form." --Kirkus Review

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What Ordinary Objects
2012, Book&Arts Press

"...Chang holds several conversations at once. ...There is the dialogue between ordinary objects and the invented, and between sensuous colors and cautious colors. ...Chang’s luminous poems last inside the reader’s memory long after reading." Amy Small-McKinney, 2011 MCPL

Animal Nocturne
2018, Moonstone Press

"Liz Chang’s chapbook Animal Nocturne... explores the complexities of race, love, and motherhood through a style of poetry unique to the contemporary moment." Mandy Bach in Philadelphia Stories, Fall 2021 

2007, Book&Arts Press

"One poem is all it takes to be lured into Liz Chang’s world. The Wynnewood native’s grasp of life’s simple, mundane moments is so sharp, her use of language so sensibly profound—straightforward, raw, calculated yet conversational, void of sugarcoating." Main Line Today MUST HAVE, 2008